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LLC AgriParts Osiyo offers spare parts for tractors, spare parts for agricultural machinery, spare parts for forestry machinery, special equipment and spare parts for road-building and automotive vehicles. Summer day feeds year! This means that strict requirements are imposed on agricultural machinery. Its failure leads to losses, since the loss of time during agricultural work leads to a decrease in crop volumes. Equipment is a technique, and no matter how reliable it is, sooner or later, scheduled replacement of parts or repair is required. That is why parts for agricultural machinery should be available at any time when they are needed.

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Our company perfectly understands the needs of agricultural enterprises and creates all conditions for the equipment to work smoothly. We have been working in the spare parts market not for the first year and during this time we have formed our own approach to the selection of suppliers and manufacturers of spare parts for agricultural and special equipment. Our company focuses only on those manufacturers who supply quality parts and offer flexible discount systems for large orders. Therefore, we can offer our customers the supply of spare parts at the best low prices.

A careful approach to the selection of suppliers allows us to guarantee the reliability and quality of spare parts and their full compliance with all accepted standards applicable to them. Our company offers tractor spare parts for almost all types and models, spare parts for combines and other types of agricultural equipment and machinery.

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[site_name] entered into a dealer agreement with a company for the supply of agricultural equipment. Cooperation with one of the leaders of agricultural engineering involves the supply of equipment, including those that have no analogues in the CIS countries. In total, the company produces over 25 types of agricultural machinery.site_name] Among the company's products are Lida-1300 and Lida-1600 combine harvesters, APP-6 tillage crops with active and passive working elements, universal air seeders with a working width of 3 to 6 meters, precision seed drills and seeders for mineral fertilizers.

Within the framework of the dealer agreement with [site_name] (manufacturer of combine harvesters Lida-1300, Lida-1600 and other agricultural products), technical specialists of the above-mentioned company conducted a training course for our company’s employees in the program Device and Operation of Combine Harvesters Lida? 1300 ".

At the end of the training of [site_name] Bilyalov M.Kh. (Central Office) and Terekhov A.A. (the head of the branch in the station. Kazan, Rostov region) were solemnly presented with certificates of the established sample.

High-quality fully synthetic engine oil with excellent energy-saving performance, for cars with gasoline and diesel engines.

 Pakelo is an Italian brand of lubricants. PAKELO brand begins its history since 1930. At the moment, the company owns its own factory in the Italian city of Verona. All products are subject to thorough quality control in their own research laboratories, which guarantees the highest quality of the finished product. The company is engaged in the production of various lubricants not only for automobiles, but also for industry.